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The story really begins in Aix in the year 123 BC, when the Romans dismantle Entremont, under the direction of Proconsul Gaius Sextus. Salyens winners, the conquerors settled on a ledge high in hot and cold springs. This is the birth of Aquae Sextiae. Quickly, the Roman colony leverages its thermal resources and its location at the crossroads of Italy, Spain, on the paths of transhumance between plains and mountains.

Around 400, the Archdiocese settled in the city. After the abandonment of the Roman colony, the city entered a dark period, faced with Saracen attacks. But from the tenth century, it is experiencing a renaissance around Bourg St-Sauveur. Aix quickly becomes the residence of the sovereign counts of Provence. For, throughout the Middle Ages, it will also impose its vocation metropolis of Provence and important center of trade and crafts.

Aix founded his University in 1409, under the leadership of Louis II Count of Provence and its Parliament in 1501. But the fifteenth century is particularly rich in events. From the mid-fifteenth century, King René made ​​several trips into the city. During his reign, many works are performed and created many neighborhoods. They are the first design planning of Aix.

In 1481, Charles III of Maine, Count last ruler of Provence, Provence bequeathed to the king of France. A century and a half of foreign wars and wars of religion successors, completed by the opposition of Aix Richelieu and Mazarin. After the turmoil of the revolutionary period and a sharp economic downturn, Aix-en-Provence takes and develops its finest vocations academic, legal and cultural.

And the XIXth century saw the creation of the Faculty of Law and Letters, the Normal School, the National School of Arts and Trades, as well as the completion of the Palais de Justice. Meanwhile, the city continues its past restaurant and completing its architectural heritage. Culture, tourism, agriculture, these three values ​​continue to characterize the identity and activity of the city of Aachen during the first half of our century.

From the 1960s, new economic and population growth Aachen (partly due to the arrival of returnees from Algeria) lead the city to engage in extensive urbanization programs, equipment and industrialization.

Today, in harmony with the modern world, the city has to move into a second phase of economic development, even more ambitious moving towards High Technology, but it keeps the constant concern to preserve its heritage and quality of life.

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aix en provence

Cours Mirabeau (Centre Aix-en-Provence) à 8 km ( 10 mn ). Théatre de l'Archevéché à 12 km ( 14 mn )
Palais des Congrès à 9 km ( 11 mn ). Cathédrale d'Aix en Provence à 7 km ( 8mn ) - En voiture, puis à pied.
Train : Gare TGV (Aix-TGV) à 21 km ( 20 mn ) - Avion : Aéroport International Marseille-Provence à 32 km ( 30 mn )
Ville de Marseille à : 37 km, Ville de Nice à : 192 km, Ville d'Avignon à : 90 km, Ville d'Arles à : 84 km

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